What a Physicist Might Say at a Funeral

This would make a perfect eulogy for an atheist or non believer.

I have adapted this from a text by Aaron Freeman entitled “You want a physicist to speak at your funeral” , to make it more personal. I have also included a quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson.

What A Physicist Would Say at Your Funeral

Our bodies are made of star stuff, all the elements of your body were made in the crucibles of stars that spilled their guts into the universe as they died, and some of those elements find their way in to us, and assemble for a brief time to make up a human body.

The energy that is in us; comes from the universe around us; from our sun and the cosmos.

The same energy that created the “Big Bang” billions of years ago, and the sunlight that warms your face today, have all come from the universe that we are but a tiny part of.

The first law of thermodynamics in short; states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only change shape and form, but will continue on forever.

This means that every BTU of heat produced by your loved one, every small breeze created from their movement and calorie they burned is still here in the energy around us.

Their energy was borrowed from the universe; they used it and have now passed it on in a different form; but it will never go away.

We have absorbed some of their body heat, felt the breeze as they walked by, some of their energy has been absorbed and lives on in you.

Every photon of light that reflected off their face, every breeze that blew through their hair, and the heat from every loving hug continues on.

Your loved one has changed the path of history in many ways. Their life, their shadow, their legacy, the good and bad that makes up everyone, will forever change the universe like the butterfly effect.

According to the laws of science, not a bit of them is gone; they’re just less orderly.

physicist at funeral