Letters from an Atheist Nation: Godless Voices of America in 1903


With the growth in people coming out as atheist / non-believers these days and the higher profile that our section of society is garnering, we sometimes forget that there are many who have walked this road before us. This book is a reminder that we are not the first. Whilst it is always great to hear from Dawkins, Hitchens and going back further Russell and Ingersoll, to me these are the real voices. The voices that could be our grandfathers, uncles and ourselves. And for me that alone would be enough of a reason to buy this book. The hard work that has gone into what is clearly a labor of love is a bonus. I would also suggest that if you are a theist you don’t just dismiss this book without taking the time to read it. We really aren’t that different in many ways. This may help you see that.