Langley Vinyard Church – Gold Teeth – Devine, Delusion or Deciept?

“LANGLEY VINEYARD”  is a church in Langley BC that claims “last month we have seen over 50 people receive silver/platinum and/or gold fillings, as well as silver/gold caps”

crazy-christian…. “after a woman in our church watched Catch the Fire one night where John Arnott had just returned from S. Africa where he saw these miracles. He prayed on TV for people watching to receive healing to their mouths. She laid hands on herself and prayed”

Are you kidding me, these people in my opinion must be truly delusional or fakes, because we all know god doesn’t give out silver fillings at traffic lights 🙁

This to me shows the true nature of the evangelical christian, so caught up in the insanity they will lie or fool themselves into crazy, crazy things 🙁

As Sam Harris said ” …. true horror of religion. It allows perfectly decent and sane people to believe by the billions, what only lunatics could believe on their own.”

This level of delusion is only possible (in my opinion) to the truly crazy, people with mental illness or fakes who what to fit in so bad they will lie to fit in with the other liars.

I have a friend who was born into and indoctrinated into evangelical christianity but later was able to realize just how nuts this stuff is. She told me people in her church “spoke in tongues” but she believed they were faking it to fit in with the truly crazy ones who babbled bullshit while in a delusional trance.

Religion is a brain virus and it infects the weak and those indoctrinated before they can develop critical thinking skills. I further believe that this damages the brain or psyche in a way that stops people from learning to distinguish between bullshit and truth, which explains why so many religious people are also conspiracy theorists and believers of other supernatural BS. Which again makes sense because if you can believe the skygod story it makes anything possible

Source of crazy talk –

Tim Minchen ~ The Pope Song

Tim Minchen is an amazing musician and has a great voice, but the best thing about Tim in my opinion, is his sense of humor and the way he mocks religion.

The Pope Song is about pedophiles in the catholic church and how it has been covered up from the Vatican down.

The meat of the song doesn’t really start till the second verse. Enjoy